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Insurance is a financial planning tool you rarely think about until something unexpected occurs. Going without life insurance coverage or being underinsured leaves you at risk of devastating economic outcomes.

An essential part of financial planning involves protecting your assets. Ask a wealth advisor to review your insurance plan and coverage levels to ensure you can meet your financial goals. Your advisor can help you determine how much coverage works best for your situation.

Why Is Life insurance Important to Your Financial Plan?

Life insurance offers a substantial financial cushion when the unthinkable happens. Your insurance provides payouts to ease these concerns for your beneficiaries:

  • Living expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Debts
  • Education costs

Insurance coverage is a financial safety net for your family members and protects their quality of life.

How Does a Wealth Advisor Assist With Insurance Planning?

A wealth advisor does an in-depth analysis to see if you have the necessary insurance protection. Proper life insurance coverage transfers the financial burdens after a loss onto the insurance provider, so financial resources remain secure.

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